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Editors and Writers



Adam Sweeney
E-mail: adam@playmakeronline.com





Publisher/Managing Editor/Webmaster:
Bradford D Harrison
E-mail: bradford@playmakeronline.com





Contributing Editor:
Javi Perez
E-mail: playmakerjavi@gmail.com





Art Director/Contributing Editor Emeritus:
Tiffany Cunningham
E-mail: tiffany@playmakeronline.com

Contributing Writers: 

Dan Solomon
Kandace Lytle
Brandon Troy
Meagan Holt Solomon
Nikki Hill
Brent Vickers
Jason Krueger
Jaime Thomas
James Bolton
Tucker Stephenson
Ashlie McEachern
Nathan Knowles
Paula Mason
Carrie Kuhlman
Desiree Meyer
H Claire Taylor
Nick Ocheltree
Monica Lowry
Michael De Leon
Trey Eubanks
Lucas Indrikovs
Project Spurs

Looking to join our writing staff? Send a writing sample and letter of interest to bradford@playmakeronline.com 

General Inquiries or Comments:

E-mail: info@playmakeronline.com

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