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Tear It Down: Houston, Dallas Have Very Different NBA Rebuilds Ahead

There were two big blowout losses in the first games of the 2016 NBA Playoffs. One may have been expected, one may have not. Regardless, both results mean the same thing for two NBA divisional rivals: it’s time to tear it down. It could sound premature to exclaim rebuilds are a necessity after just one playoff loss for the Houston Rockets and the ... Read More »

Playmaker’s 2016 NBA Playoff Preview – Numbers to Know

NBA basketball nirvana for 2016 starts in one day, this Saturday. “Not nirvana to me,” you say? Has Golden State’s 73-9 season (the most wins in a regular season ever by the way), not been an eye-popping enough of a number for you? “What else is going on in this postseason,” you ask? Let’s run 7 more lucky numbers by you ... Read More »

No one will miss Joey Crawford

Did you know that this was Joey Crawford’s final season as an NBA referee? Quite frankly, it’s something that the NBA did well to not publicize as the unofficial “good riddance” tour throughout the rest of the season would’ve been an embarrassment that the league would rather avoid. Did you notice that Joey Crawford had actually been out of action with an ... Read More »

My ESPN Story

by Javi Perez So I’ve been gone for a while, without much explanation, and I’m here to tell you why. Here it goes… It’s hard to know where to start this story. I’m among the first generation of kids that grew up with ESPN and the morning SportsCenter ever-present in my life. I don’t remember a world without it. It ... Read More »

Playmaker 10: Devastating Longhorns Losses (21st Century Edition)

by Javi Perez The Texas Longhorns are no stranger to heartbreak. Yes, it’s a storied program with more wins than just about any other school in college football history and a winning percentage to match. But the Horns have “only” won four national championships and have spent much of the 21st century tantalizingly close to national and conference championships that, ... Read More »

Playmaker Preview: WWE Night of Champions 2015

by Javi Perez Where are the new stars? It’s a question worth asking and one that Daniel Bryan was asked when he was out promoting the new WWE video game with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the cover: “One of the things I think it shows is that we have not really created enough new stars… We need to not just ... Read More »

The Daily Fantasy Sports Backlash

by Javi Perez Unless you live under a rock that doesn’t grant you wifi access, you’ve probably heard of the phenomenon of daily fantasy sports gaming. It’s not a secret or new thing anymore. There’s a way for you to play daily fantasy sports now and make money doing it. DraftKings and FanDuel have spent hundreds of millions of dollars ... Read More »

Romo’s Brilliance Lost in Giants Collapse/Cowboys Comeback

by Javi Perez The excuses keep getting dumber and dumber. All anyone could talk about after the New York Giants blew a six point lead in the final 94 seconds of their opener in Dallas against the Cowboys was the incredibly insane decision to throw the ball on 3rd down when the Giants were at the goal line. Why was ... Read More »

Five Questions for the Texas Longhorns

by Javi Perez The words “must-win” and “Rice” don’t usually go together when talking about the Texas Longhorns unless you’re talking about the NCAA baseball tournament. But that’s what Saturday is. That’s what the next two Saturdays are going to be thanks to the dismal performance the Longhorns put on against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Why are coaches and ... Read More »

Tom Brady is Free, NFL is Screwed

by Javi Perez Today was yet another example of why you don’t do your fantasy draft until after big news like this happens. All those guys that got Tom Brady late are suddenly sitting on a Week 1 starter that’s going to produce top 5 numbers the rest of the season. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about ... Read More »