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Exclusive Interview: Brea Grant

By Adam Sweeney Austin may be the music capitol of the world but it has produced its share of gems in the TV and film industry as well. Brea Grant, who attended the University of Texas, is one of those jewels who continues to polish her craft. She’s already build up a significant fan following with performances on the hit ... Read More »

Exclusive Interview: Moon Bloodgood turns the tables in ‘Falling Skies’

The life of an actress in Hollywood can be incredibly fluid and challenging. Moon Bloodgood knows this as well as anyone. A four-time listee of the Maxim Hot 100 and star of Terminator: Salvation, Bloodgood has made a point of proving that her beauty and talents aren’t purely aesthetic. (Watch the Shawn Ku drama Beautiful Boy if you need proof.) ... Read More »

Exclusive Interview: RX Bandits’ Steve Choi Discusses Farewell Tour

Photo Courtesy of www.RxBandits.com For over a decade, the iconic and metamorphic rock group RX Bandits have been blessing the music scene with their innovative and visionary sound. Fusing multiple styles such as reggae, rock, soul, jazz and ska has allowed RX Bandits to create a new form of music and inventive writing that is comparable to other infamous acts ... Read More »

Interview: ‘Beautiful Boy’ director Shawn Ku Faces the Truth

In a summer filled the brim with superheroes and wizards, there is always a film that goes against the grain. Shawn Ku’s Beautiful Boy, a love story that explores the lives of a couple, Kate (Maria Bello) and Bill (Michael Sheen),  fighting to find answers and light in the wake of their son’s (Kyle Gallner) mass shooting and suicide, does ... Read More »

Out of Bounds: Interview with Hesher Director Spencer Susser

Follow Javi on Twitter: @PlaymakerJavi The movie Hesher comes out today on a limited release that includes theaters in Austin and Dallas (check the official site for theaters and show times). As I said in my review of the movie yesterday, I’m definitely going to see it again because I enjoyed it so much when I saw it at South ... Read More »

Out of Bounds: Interview with Daphne Willis

Some music albums stick with you. Many of those recordings that we are lucky enough to hear touch us because they allow us to connect with the artist not only on a musical level, but by tying us together as we relate to universal emotions we all have shared at one time or another. Singer-songwriter Daphne Willis’ new album, Because ... Read More »

Interview: Former Longhorn Aldridge comes into his own with Blazers

Talent is plentiful in the NBA but only a handful of players have what it takes to become the face of a team. For LaMarcus Aldridge, who played Robin to Brandon Roy’s Batman for four seasons (at least in terms of scoring production and recognition), 2011 was a career season that proved the former Texas Longhorn is ready to wear ... Read More »

Exclusive Interview: Ryan Reynolds

By Adam Sweeney Imagine waking up buried alive in a box with only ninety minutes to escape. That’s the premise of “Buried”, the ambitious thriller starring Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds made his name in roles like “Van Wilder” and “Waiting…” and gives a dazzling role in his latest film. Reynolds was in Austin for the red carpet gala at Fantastic Fest, ... Read More »