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Review: The Struts at Stubb’s, Austin, Texas
Luke Spiller, lead singer of The Struts, soaks in the applause at Stubb's. Image: Adam Sweeney

Review: The Struts at Stubb’s, Austin, Texas

Rock n’ roll is not dead. No, despite what many will tell you, and to paraphrase Huey Lewis & the News (There’s a first), the heart of rock n’ roll is still beating. This was made clear Monday night at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas as Derby, England’s The Struts proved they are ready to kickstart the heart of rock. The quartet had the crowd jumping from the opening notes of Roll Up and left the crowd in a frenzy with the last licks of Where Did She Go? Even playing a shortened eight-song set, The Struts, as frontman Luke Spiller implored, are a band (filled out by Drummer Gethin Davies, bassist Jed Elliott, and guitarist Addo Slack) that should be remembered for years to come. As catchy as their debut album, Everybody Wants, is (And rest assured it’s full of numbers to groove to), there is no question that the music of the foursome reaches a new level at their live show.

A truly transcendent live performance begins and ends with the showmanship of the lead singer, and it’s where The Struts ultimately make their mark and rise above other talent in music today. Make no mistake; there is an art to commanding a crowd. Many bands and singers have graced the indoor stage of Stubb’s but for your money Luke Spiller, has been pound-for-pound one of the greatest frontman I’ve seen at the venue. Equal parts Tim Curry from Rocky Horror Picture Show and Mick Jagger mixed in with the flare for fashion that magic men David Bowie and Noel Fielding share, Spiller’s frantic energy and playful sex appeal brought life to the entire building and proved he is quite ahead of his time in terms to the band’s short shelf life thus far. As Spiller went through three costume changes during the set and literally parted the crowd to make his way to stand on the bar in the back, the crowd was hypnotized, marveling at the wonder of what the magnetic music maker may do next. If this sounds like hyperbole, understand that we are in an era of music that lacks many true rock n’ roll Gods, so it is relieving to actually attend a show where there is hope that we will have a band play the role of disciple to the true rock n’ roll greats.  If Monday’s show was any indication of what’s to come, you should definitely follow The Struts’ lead and put your money on them.

Luke Spiller of The Struts leads the Stubb's crowd in a chant.

Set List

Roll Up
Could Have Been Me
Kiss This
She Makes Me Feel
Let’s Make This Happen Tonight
Dirty Sexy Money
Put Your Money on Me
Where Did She Go

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