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New “The Amazing Spider-Man” clip is a slam dunk

Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment

In the newest clip released from “The Amazing Spider-Man,” Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) battles his high school enemy Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka) on the basketball courts. Parker flaunts his agility in typical teenage fashion with a little help from his newly acquired Spidey skills. Parker has fun embarrassing and puzzling jock star Thompson, until things get just a little out of hand. Check it out in the clip below.

With all the clips we’ve seen so far, it’s looking like Garfield has completely distanced himself from Tobey Maguire’s Parker, adding a bit of cheeky comedy to the mix that was sadly missing in the Sam Raimi trilogy.

You can see more clips and trailers from “The Amazing Spider-Man” at Yahoo! Movies.

via Total Film

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