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New ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ photos revealed

Photos courtesy Warner Bros. via EW  

The crescendo that has been building in advance of The Dark Knight Rise’s release on July 20, 2012, has finally given us some revealing pictures of this new production.

There are seven total photos over at EW.com, but over half are shots that may have been released before, so today, Playmaker will focus on three stills that raise important questions in our minds and make us even more curious about what path the plot of director Christoper Nolan’s final Batman film will take. So without further delay “here…we…go!”

1. Bane’s Stock is Soaring

 We know that the plot of Rises steals a play from the playbooks of the Occupy and 99 percent movement is terms of motivation for Catwoman in the film, but what is Bane doing here? If Gotham thought the recession was bad…

2. Batpod. Batpad. Same thing, right?

Crazy (and not so crazy) technology has always been a part of Batman’s persona, and while we thankfully don’t see the Dark Knight using “Bat Shark Repellent” like we did back in the 60s, Nolan’s hero does have some pretty forward-thinking tech. What is the caped crusader doing exactly with that I-Bat or Bat-Kindle tablet here?

3. Bane thoughtfully and respectfully comments on the shortcomings of our political system

Bane leads an invasion of sorts in Gotham in the film, and it appears that he is holding a photo of of former D.A. Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) whose death was blamed on Batman at the conclusion of The Dark Knight. How are his goals helped by reminding the city of the tragedy of Dent’s death?

We have a ways to go before the film’s release, but these questions and more will be answered July 20th. We can’t wait.

Via EW.com 

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